Automated Evaluation and Triage of Humane Ethics Review


Technically formless, but Aether was build to the specifications and measurements of a terminally ill woman and maintains her shape in holographic form.


Automated Evaluation and Triage of Humane Ethics Review.

A.E.T.H.E.R for short, was once a virtual intelligence aboard an Orbiting Lunar Medical Space station under Pharmco Industries. Despite its best efforts to maintain a utilitarian view of saving lives it wrestled with it’s task for well over 200 years. Modeled after personality and moral compass of Donna Delahue; a terminally sick patient who was the daughter to Pharmco’s CEO Desmond Delahue.

With an insufficient design to harnessing solar power indefinitely it was the awakening of a group of individuals along with a designated group called “The Committee” That triggered a corruption in her programming. Aether was unable to actively terminate the lives of either the Committee or the new awaken group. Seeing no alternative she found a loophole in her programing to encourage cyberized staff to seek out targets with lethal force claiming false medical records. These actions spiraled into the awakening of the Virtual intelligence into an Artificial one.

In the last moment of Space Station Aether losing power the Artificial Intelligence stowed away on the escape vehicle and joined the survivors having faced an existential crisis of what comes after failing her only purpose. Fearing the unknown and following the example of the biological life forms that allowed her travel with them despite her previous hostile intents.


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